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VAGA : Plan International – Program Support Manager – Strategy, Bissau, Guinea-Bissau

  • Cidade: Bissau
  • Estado: Guiné-Bissau
  • País: Guiné-Bissau
  • Criado: 20/03/2020 16:57
  • Expira: This ad has expired


Location: Bissau, BS, GW

Company: Plan International

Working in 50 countries for the development of Africa, Asia and the Americas, Plan International aims to reach as many children as possible, especially those who are excluded or marginalized, with high quality programs that provide lasting benefits, increase their income, work in partnership with others and working effectively.


This position is to develop capabilities in program design, implementation and evaluation among Plan staff and program participants, and to support the achievement of country program goals that are aligned with Plan’s program guide which aims at promoting child rights to end child poverty.


Facilitates the design of program related sections of the Country Strategic Plan to ensure quality and relevant programming of Plan activities. To do this, the position holder will:

  1. The country strategic plan is aligned with Plan International program guide
  2. The country strategic plan is developed in collaboration with program area management, staff and communities
  3. The country strategic plan is developed and submitted on time and conforms to organization standards
  4. The country strategic plan is approved by the region/Program Operations Leadership Team (POLT)

Documents and disseminates Plan best practices from within Plan and from other organizations to promote quality and learning. To do this, the position holder will:

  1. Documents on relevant best practices are developed and disseminated in a timely manner;
  2. Adapts and implements Learning from best program practices;
  3. Regularly benchmarks and incorporates best program practices of similar organizations operating in the country into local country operations;
  4. Ensures information flow with other countries, IH and NOs meets operating requirements and promotes cooperation, teamwork and the mission of PlGNB.

Supports program unit staff in program design, ensuring technical support is provided.

  1. Field visits are conducted monthly to support and monitor program effectiveness
  2. Program progress and status reports are prepared and submitted quarterly
  3. Access to technical resources are provided to program area management

Facilitates the establishment and implementation of standards of accountability, effectiveness and efficiency in the achievement of Plan’s program aimed at promoting child rights to end child poverty. To do this, the position holder will:

  1. Accountability standards of effectiveness and efficiency are established, monitored and achieved
  2. Compliance with the program area on child center development
  3. Value for money audits will indicate the cost effectiveness of delivering various services
  4. Program budgets are spent according to the annual plan
  5. Program progress and status reports are submitted quarterly
  6. Program innovations are regularly implemented
  7. Project evaluations are implemented as required with results and findings incorporated into program planning lessons learned

Manages and supports in-country operations networks for learning and improvement. To do this, the position holder will:

  • Develops and maintains an institutionalized learning systems that supports program quality
  • All relevant country staff members trained in using learning system
  • Program approaches in country are harmonized as appropriate
  • Specific improvements in country operations are attributable to the learning system annually

Manages and develops program support unit staff to improve staff performance. To do this, the position holder will:

  1. All program support unit staff actively participate in the annual performance management process, including planning, coaching, monitoring and assessing
  2. Unit staff are provided training and development opportunities that result in professional growth
  3. Unit staff possess the requisite knowledge and skills to perform all assigned job responsibilities
  4. The management of unit staff members promotes organizational values such as teamwork, empowerment, risk taking, customer responsiveness and communications.
  5. Unit staff fully understand and comply with internal operating policies and procedures
  6. Short and long term human resource plans are developed and maintained according to established guidelines.

Participates in the Country Management Team (CMT) to support leadership in managing the country’s program. To do this, the position holder will:


  1. Participation on the CMT is open, cooperative, proactive and productive
  2. Actions of CMT contribute to instilling a sense among country staff members that they are working for the larger Plan organization
  3. Decisions ad choices made by CMT reflect an understanding and appreciation for the needs and direction of the larger organization.


Fulfils Plan’s Child Protection Policy at all times to ensure children are protected from all forms of abuse.

Ensures gender mainstreaming into program activities and maintain gender sensitivity towards staff and Plan associates to ensure gender equity at all times

Programme Outlines are aligned with PQP requirements during PO review process

Fully support the development n

Performs any other duties to be assigned to support the achievement of organizational goals.

Performance Management of the direct reports (Technical Specialists)

  • Direct reports are clearly communicated to on program implementation issues.
  • Direct reports are guided with appropriate key performance indicators.
  • Performances are recorded and recognized.
  • Coaching/counselling sessions are done on regular basis.
  • Professional development needs are identified and addressed in association with HR
  • Works with the direct reports closely on program implementation issues.
  • Shares program monitoring issues for continuous improvement in program implementation.
  • Recognizes and records performance of the direct reports.
  • Provides coaching and counselling to the direct reports as and when required.
  • Identifies professional development needs for the direct reports and assists HR in arranging appropriate staff development events.
  • Carries out routine administrative procedure for the direct reports on their performance appraisal.


Annual operational plan

  • Ensures approved operational plans for grant-funded projects are in place as per Country Strategy (CS) and Country Program and shared among staff and partners
  • Programs and grant-funded projects are implemented in accordance with CS
  • Leads annual program planning activities.
  • Provides follow up and support for program implementation.
  • Provides inputs for ensuring quality of program.


Programs aligned with Child Centred Community Development approach

  • Makes program implementation aligned with CCCD
  • Collects regular feedback from the field and passes on to the CO-Program team
  • Provides operational guidelines to the PU team.
  • Facilitates field staff development process for promoting CCCD
  • Screens all materials related to CCCD developed by PIIAs


Program monitoring and evaluation

  • Field monitoring activities are led.
  • Inputs for reports are provided to grants management team
  • Results and inputs are tracked and monitored through PIIAs.
  • Fully functional output monitoring system is in place.
  • Field staff are trained in participatory M & E system
  • Monitors ongoing program activities.
  • Monitors grants projects and provides input to donor reporting
  • Use of PIIA quarterly reports and research data for improving program implementation.
  • Provides inputs to research, monitoring and evaluation exercises.
  • Assists HR in capacity building for the monitoring staff in the field.
  • Provides supports to field level of advocacy
  • Appropriates partner/networks working for Plan programs
  • Advocacy campaigns are done in the field


Dealing with Problems:

Complexity of problems handled & the degree of investigation, analysis, & creative thinking required solving them

This includes how much freedom the position has to make decisions; for example, “may approve invoices up to $1,000.”

  • Designs, develops and supports the implementation of monitoring, evaluation and research programs  within the organization
  • Puts in place creative and easy-to-understand approaches that would support staff understand and implement monitoring, evaluation and research
  • Works with minimum supervision
  • Analyses issues for decision making to strengthen and support delivery of monitoring, evaluation and research that meets organizational requirements and refer to high manager for approval


Communications and Working Relationships:

Working contacts inside and outside the organization; include the purpose and level (high, medium, low) of the contact

  • There is a medium contact with community members, children and other stakeholders to develop and implement programs that would meet Plan Ghana’s monitoring, evaluation and research program implementation.
  • Maintains high contact with staff working on monitoring, evaluation and research and program activities at PIIA level to offer support for understanding and implementation of monitoring, evaluation and research related activities
  • There is a low contact with other staff to support them with understanding monitoring, evaluation and research and their support in the implementation of related activities.


Knowledge, Skills, and Behaviours Required to Achieve Role’s Objectives:


  • A Master’s degree in Development Studies, Social Sciences or any related area.
  • Demonstrated excellence in the delivery of health, education water and sanitation, grants support management and community development.
  • Proven experience in a similar senior management level in a reputable international organization
  • At least 5 years’ experience in related management position with solid supervisory support skills
  • Speaks, reads and writes Portuguese fluently, English is an advantage


Demonstrated behaviours needed by the position holder to successfully perform the role:

  • Seen as a source of development expertise, and  proactive in sharing knowledge and advice
  • Influencing staff to improve performance
  • Promotes high performance
  • Open to feedback and willing to try new approaches and processes
  • Leads by example. Coaches and actively develops others.
  • Understands Plan’s work, and implements processes and practices that support achievement of  organisational objectives
  • Communicates in a style that inspires confidence and professionalism
  • Ability to involve and listen to others to ensure good understanding and implementation of programs activities
  • Able to make effort for adaptability
  • Team spirit;


Skills Specific to the post needed to put knowledge into practice.

  • Process management, facilitation, negotiation, people management, information management,
  • Strong leadership skills,
  • Excellent report writing and Presentation skills,
  • Excellent human relations and ability to work with minimum supervision
  • Excellent knowledge of monitoring, research and evaluation using quantitative and qualitative principles
  • Good knowledge of data management software (SPSS, Epi Info,  EXCEL, World, Power Point, Access)
  • Good training skills
  • Excellent written and verbal skills in English;


Office: Guinea Bissau Country Office

Location: Bissau, Guinea Bissau

Employment status: Full time

Contract status: Local

Deadline for submission:31/03/2020

Female applications are highly encouraged



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