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VAGA : UNDP – Programme Assistant, Guinea-Bissau

  • Cidade: Bissau
  • Estado: Guiné-Bissau
  • País: Guiné-Bissau
  • Criado: 01/04/2020 16:21
  • Expira: This ad has expired


Agency : UNDP

Title : Programme Assistant

Job ID : 29784

Practice Area – Job Family : Democratic Governance

Vacancy End Date : (Midnight New York, USA) 13/04/2020

Duty Station : Bissau, Guinea-Bissau

Deadline Date: Monday, 13 April 2020

Education & Work Experience : C-HS Graduate or Equivalent – 3 year(s) experience



Desired: English, French , Portuguese

Grade : SB3

Vacancy Type : Service Contract (SC)

Posting Type : External

Bureau : Africa

Contract Duration : 1 year with possibility of extension

Open only to nationals of the Country (Guinea-Bissau) and residents with working permit.


Although the Bissau-Guinean Constitution is founded on democratic governance principles, expressed in the consecration of people as the holder of sovereignty, the rule of law as an affirmation of the primacy of legality, the separation of powers and respect for human rights, the participation of citizens, and a multi-party system of government, deep challenges persist when looking at the reality of governance in Guinea-Bissau. The challenges stem primarily from intertwined causes, including the political instability that has been affecting the country since its independence, the legacy of colonial and post-independence forms of centralized government systems, and the political-military dynamics.

Guinea-Bissau has shown overall governance deterioration, as measured by the Mo Ibrahim Index of African Governance with notable poor performance in areas that include rule of law, participation and human rights, welfare and sustainable economic opportunities. Weaknesses in areas such as access to justice, endemic corruption, lack of decentralization, effectiveness of public administration and basic services, respect for human rights, persistent and entrenched gender inequality, the weakening of the state by structures of organized crime require attention as they result in the state’s inability to provide effectively and efficiently goods and services to the population while helping build vertical and horizontal social cohesion.

The UNDP Country Office (CO) in Guinea-Bissau, as key government partner in the area of governance, has been developing and implementing various projects in a variety of governance related domains, including rule of law and justice, anti-corruption and accountability, decentralization and local governance, electoral and parliamentary support as well as civic engagement. Additionally, taking into consideration the UN mission transition, UNDP has been adapting to the new environment by reinforcing some of its capacities in the governance domain.

In coordination with the UN Resident Coordinator (RC), UNDP is the lead agency for the implementation of a Peacebuilding Fund (PBF) project on “Political Stabilization and Reform through Confidence Building and Inclusive Dialogue” in close collaboration with UNFPA, WFP and UNIOGBIS. The project is expected to strengthen the government’s and civil society’s capacity to accelerate political stabilization and systemic reform processes that are key to sustainable development in the country. The project should provide the technical support, capacity strengthening and resources to enable a smooth transition during the drawdown of UNIOGBIS. The project enables the participating UN agencies to advance key peacebuilding priorities while providing for better coordinated strategies and stronger partnerships related to political stabilization and confidence-building efforts.

In this framework, UNDP is recruiting a Finance and Administrative Assistant that shall support the project team in the implementation of the agreed project activities and that objectives are reached as set out in the project document. Under the overall guidance of the Head of Governance unit and the direct supervision of the Project Manager at UNDP, the Finance and Administrative Assistant will also work in close collaboration with this Unit and other UNDP Programme and Administrative Units, particularly procurement, budget and finance, other UN Agencies,  especially with WFP, UNFPA, and UNIOGBIS/PAS and GU, as well as the PBF Secretariat and the UNCT when necessary.

 Summary Key Functions:

  •  Administrative and financial assistance of the Project (60%)
  • Advice (30%)
  • Strategic partnership, promotion and awareness (10%)

1.  Administrative and financial assistance of the Project (60%)

  • Ensure the general administration and financial services of the project, such as payment processing, purchase orders, project records, etc. through UNDP’s corporate ATLAS platform;
  • Ensure the follow-up of payments made in due time by the UNDP and UNIOGBIS offices;
  • Receive, order and distribute the mail by adding the necessary information about the fund;
  • Prepare routine correspondence and memoranda to the signature of project and senior managers;
  • Help in the logistical organization of meetings, training and workshops;
  • Prepare agendas and organize field visits, meetings and internal and external meetings related to project activities and write meeting minutes;
  • Collect, record and maintain all information about project activities;
  • Provide information to the UNDP Projects website, and the solution to administrative problems;
  • Support the preparation of work plans and financial and operational planning processes of the project;
  • Assist in the sourcing and recruitment process;
  • Monitor the activities, budgets and financial expenses in the project, advising all project counterparts in the applicable administrative procedures and ensuring their application in accordance;
  • Contribute to the development and application of progress reports;
  • Ensure the processing of texts, writing of letters / messages / routine reports, mailings;   Organize trips and itineraries for trips related to the project;
  • Help organize workshops / seminars / training programs and mailings;
  • Ensure the reception and coordination of appointments and meeting schedule;
  • Make photocopies, bindings and presentations;
  • Organize and keep updated the physical file of the project;
  • Accountable for the maintenance of all office equipment and maintenance inventory / supply records and their use;
  • Produce and regularly submit to PBF the financial reports of the project;
  • Perform any other function assigned by the Project Manager or the corresponding officials.

 2.  Advice (30%)

  •  Collect and identify sources of information (documents, projects and programs, studies, etc.) in the areas or topics included in the project, with emphasis on country-specific information;
  • Prepare, at the request of project and senior managers, technical notes on the topics included in the project under their responsibility, which allows better decision making by UNDP and UNIOGBIS management;
  • Contribute to the dialogue on policies and measures that can improve confidence building and inclusive dialogues in general;
  • Identify good practices and lessons learned that could contribute to improving the management of UNDP projects and programs.

3.  Strategic partnership, promotion and awareness (10%)

  • Contribute to the creation of strategic alliances with other partners involved in the field of political stabilization and reform, and governance in general;
  • Promote the creation of synergies and the complementarity of the interventions of the different partners in the areas covered by the project;
  • Support the promotion and awareness in the field and the project issues of its burden.


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